This Saturday March 18, 2023, Ophélie Meunier was at “home”, in the group’s Neuilly-sur-Seine studios M6 and at the microphone RTL. Not as a presenter of Restricted zone for this same channel or Unexpected log on this same station, but as a guest this time. The 35-year-old journalist indeed responded to Eric Dussart’s microphone on his show We redo the TV, history to return to the course without fault of this young woman adopted by the public for several years. Discreet in the media, we nevertheless know that with her husband since 2018, Mathieu Vergne, director of flow programs at TF1, Ophélie is the happy mother of Joseph, born in 2019, and Valentine, born in 2021. But what was her journey? Fan of archives, the duo Jade-Dussart welcomes their guest by offering her some television flashbacks. Like his participation, at the age of four, in The School offans by Jacques Martin where she sings in front of Julio Iglésias “Come and kiss me” or, later, a sequence from the show It’s my choice, presented by Evelyne Thomas, where the 12-year-old girl talks about her passion for modeling. But while keeping a cool head: the teenager reveals that she must first pass her baccalaureate!

“It touches, it hurts, it’s hard, it’s not pleasant, there are times when you doubt”

Bac in hand followed by two years of training at the ESJ Paris (School of Journalism), the beautiful blonde then took her first steps in the media. And there… things get tough with a journey strewn with pitfalls as the interviewer points out: “If she weren’t so beautiful, she wouldn’t be here! You must have heard that more than once in your Ophélie Meunier career… does it slip on you or not?” throws Eric Dussart at him. And the journalist responds: “I heard it on M6 but also when I started at Canal+, I’m not going to complain about being told I’m pretty, let’s be clear, and most of the time, it’s to give me a compliment, it’s positive, and I only remember and keep that . Today, yes, it creeps up on me, it hardly happens anymore, I can assure you. People, I hope, appreciate me for other reasons and have understood that there was work behind it and a will, a legitimacy to be where I am”. she replies in a determined tone. But the presenter does not hesitate to redirect the discussion: “No doubt, you are a real workhorse but nevertheless at the beginning, it must not have been easy to hear that and to continue to trace your path…” And Ophélie Meunier indeed seizes this pole to clarify her words: “Thank you for reviving me because it is sincerely the continuation of my answer, it touches, it hurts, it is hard, it is not pleasant, there are times when we doubt, we question ourselves , after… ‘what do we do with that?’, that’s rather the question… but all the people who still write today, and not just about me, against other people, surly things, tough things on social mediaknow that we see them and that we read them, and that we are hurt, we do not want to live that too often.”, she concludes on the subject, pointing to the hateful tweets which circulate a little too much at all comers and which really hurt the people targeted.


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