They do not rest to recover the belongings that the avalanche has not swept Residents of the area of California Baja in Chosica They have not stood idly by before the impact of the natural phenomenon that prevents them from staying inside their homes.

A report by América TV describes that 21 properties have been buried by the masses of mud, stones and other elements that attracted the strong current. Despite the fact that the local authorities have arranged safe spaces with tents for them to protect themselves, many have decided to return.

The images of the aforementioned medium show how the neighbors use brooms and everything they have at hand to try to remove the water wells that have formed in the rooms, becoming sources of infection such as dengue.

They have also been forced to immerse themselves in the stagnant waters to collect the valuables that fell due to the passage of this natural phenomenon.

From chosica A call was made to the authorities to monitor the delivery of the donations, since unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the misfortune of others to take these foodstuffs that are of great value to those who have lost everything to the huaicos.

Huaico fell along the entire central highway, from Chosica to ate, blocking vehicular traffic.  (Gabriel Rivera/Facebook)
Huaico fell along the entire central highway, from Chosica to ate, blocking vehicular traffic. (Gabriel Rivera/Facebook)

The retaining walls made of stones and other materials have been swallowed by the current of the river, leaving the houses unprotected and at risk of being damaged by a new increase in currents.

An affected neighbor in Baja California indicated that she has lived in the place for more than 60 years and that she had never seen the impact of a mudslide.

“This happened on Tuesday, between 3 or 4. It started to rain and the huaico began to come down from the ravine, from the heights. A neighbor told me that in the upper area There is a lagoon that every time it rains it becomes puddled. That has exploded with force. Its channel is down here, “said one of those affected in Chosica.

The houses, mostly made of bricks and noble materialhave been left uninhabitable by being submerged in murky waters.

One of the most shocking moments in recent days was the fall of a three-story building that was practically floating on the Rímac River. The 30 people who inhabited the place evacuated in time before a tragedy occurred.

Other neighboring houses also suffered from the increase in river flowwhich destroyed the walls and part of the floor that is not stable in that area.

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