Arnaud Ducret is a fulfilled man! Since 2018, he has formed an unshakable couple with Claire Francisci. Complementary and fusional, the lovebirds found each other well. Crazy in love with each other, the main interested parties have also united for better and for worse in 2021 in an idyllic setting: Mont-Saint-Michel. A year later, again. Arnaud Ducret and his half have renewed their vows in Provence.

Thus, countless French personalities made the trip to attend the event. Like Michael Youn, Franck Dubosc, Vincent Desagnat, Ophélie Meunier and her husband Mathieu Vergne or even Denitsa Ikonomova. On the Web, the photos of their wedding have had the merit of enchanting Internet users. Obviously, the duo made it big. Between them, it’s a business that rolls. Arnaud Ducret and his wife are also very proud of their lovely blended family. As a reminder, the actor is the father of a young boy named Oscar born from his previous relationship with Maurice Nicot. For her part, her darling is the mother of… triple fruits of her past love story.

“Taking care of triplets is complicated…”

But according to the words of Arnaud Ducret, his companion was slow to tell him at the start of their meeting. Subject that he evoked without pretense on the set of “First Club” last March 15. “I did not know”, affirmed the artist in front of Laurent Ruquier. And to add, not without humour: “I opened the door, I took a slap. Suddenly, I took three”. The opportunity for him to say more about his role as a stepfather: “Because in addition, taking care of triplets, it’s complicated because already a kid, you repeat 3 times, so there you might as well tell you that it’s 9”.

In any case, Arnaud Ducret knew how to adapt with panache… Not without organization. But when the latter goes out with his tribe, they never go unnoticed: “It changed my life because when you go to a restaurant, you can’t go to a restaurant on a whim. Now you get to 6,“added the comedian before concluding: “So, I did a whole skit on that… On triplets.” Driven by the love of his family, he found inspiration!


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