The showdown continues. Since March 5, 2023, the streets of Paris have been crumbling under garbage bags, boxes and bulky items. To express their dissatisfaction with the pension reform, garbage collectors in the capital are on strike. According to estimates from the town hall unveiled this Friday, March 17, 10,000 tonnes of waste have flooded the city of love to date. Despite the countless social movements, Elisabeth Borne activated – the day before – 49.3 to have the very controversial bill passed.

“With the ministers, we have made every effort to bring together a majorityassured the Prime Minister at 8 p.m. TF1. With the president, we wanted to go to the vote. The president of the Republicans, Éric Ciotti, the president of the LR group in the Assembly wanted to vote for this reform. But some, within it, wanted to play their personal card, in contradiction with what LR has been wearing for years and what some have even been wearing for several months. In the end, the account was not there”.

“Convinced that we must change our pension system”the politician strongly defended her positions against Gilles Bouleau: “This text, on which I engage the responsibility and that of my government, is the fruit of a compromise, of hours of discussion in parliament, approved yesterday by deputies and senators, in which we wanted to take into account as many specific situations as possible”.

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“Aznavour, up to the neck”

An interview particularly commented on in the media and on the Web. On the side of the merchants and the inhabitants of Paris, anger is brewing. Little by little, everyone realizes that the situation risks dragging on. If Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris showed her support for the garbage collectors, she ended up sending the police headquarters a list of cleaning agents from the city’s services. “It is paradoxical that the State asks local authorities to solve a problem that it has itself created”, the main concerned was annoyed in a letter addressed to the government.

On social networks, everyone has their own little comment. Like Gérard Jugnot who did not fail to relay a striking image of the bronze bust of Charles Aznavour, molded from a plaster cast by the artist Alice Mélikian. Located in the heart of the 6ᵉ arrondissement of Paris, the work has not been spared from rubbish. “Aznavour, up to the neck”, captioned the actor visibly marked by the mountain of garbage bags surrounding the statue of the icon…


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