Heinze responds to Pipo Gorosito after a false statement

Colón and Newell’s lowered the curtain on the seventh date of the Professional League in Santa Fe last Monday with a 1-1 draw that was quite attractive.. After the action, the coaches discussed issues pertaining to the match and an alleged statement of Nestor Gorosito went viral: “I don’t understand what Newell’s plays, I thought that his DT preached good football”. Own pipo He quoted that phrase on his Twitter and clarified: “This must be some hdp, I never said that”. And went gabriel heinze the one who picked up the gauntlet now.

I want to publicly thank pipo for the clarification that he made after the lie that they have revealed. The truth is that I want to highlight it because I must follow his advice to clarify many lies. That is very good, the message is also so that when people see a piece of news like this, they do not believe in that news because it jumped out in the media that it was true”, mentioned the Gringowith the feeling of gratification for the attitude of his colleague and the annoyance of the medium that invented the news.

The coach of the Leprosy, in a press conference, continued: “Many portals gave that news as true and you had to lose 12 or 13 minutes to see if it was true. Very few did because they already released the news. It is very good that it is also seen so that people say ‘well, well, is the first news true or false?’”.

Gorosito cited the fake news and clarified that he had not made that statement
Gorosito cited the fake news and clarified that he had not made that statement

Actually, Gorosito had mentioned about Heinze’s team after the match: “We played against a team that has work, that spends a lot of money on this marking, has an excellent coach who makes them play, they are all lightweight players who play very well and have a very good footing”. Heinze concluded: “He, with his greatness, did it. And the truth is that I also wanted to thank him publicly because he also did it publicly.

Regarding the continuity of the participation of their respective teams in the championship, Newell’s de Heinze will receive the leader San Lorenzo next Monday (starting at 6:30 p.m.), while Colón de Gorosito, which in the last hours He was a trend due to his statements about the definitive removal of striker Brian Fernández’s squadwill visit Independiente in Avellaneda tonight in search of their first victory in the contest (it is the only team that has not yet won).

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