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The ex-BBB Gabi Martins vented, on the night of this Friday (17), after the end of her relationship with Lincoln Lau. The couple, who had been together for four months, came to an end after Gabi discovered an alleged betrayal. The prints that show the ex-boyfriend’s conversation with an affair were exposed by the singer.

Second Gabi, the betrayal would have been discovered after a fan alert. “I found out about the betrayal today. On Monday, he did a live and leaked the audio of a woman. The fans warned me, I even questioned him and he declined. I preferred to believe him, who obviously lied”, she explained, in stories on Instagram.

She remembers that, at the beginning of the relationship, Lincoln was “a very light and calm person”, but that changed little by little. “He called me every five minutes asking where I was, he wanted me to prove that I was working composing, that I show my friends. I had to prove that I was faithful, and I was always faithful, loyal and a woman as hell. There were several situations unpleasant things I went through because I believed he would go back to being who he was in the first month”, reports Gabi.

The ex-boyfriend even demanded that the ex-BBB delete photos with previous boyfriends. Finally, she says that she tried to help him with psychological assistance. “I leave this relationship with my head held high and a clear conscience that I did everything to help, not only as a girlfriend, but as a human being, and I know what a badass woman I am,” she said.


In a publication on social networks, Lincoln made a statement about the termination, saying that he does not want to talk about this case and that he is suffering a lot. “People are joking and creating gossip based on what they think, chronologies, situations and facts to sell and make money with the suffering of others. As I said, I respect Gabi a lot and anything we say here will only create more suffering for her. the two of us,” he said.

In the text, the businessman states that it is not necessary to feed “vultures that live off the suffering of others”. “I will not expose any situation, or reason, nothing, each one knows what he says, what he says and has responsibility for what he says. I know the real reason. And nobody will know about me”, he completed.

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