Letícia Cazarré, wife of the actor Juliano Cazarretold in her Instagram Stories that the daughter of the house, Maria Guilhermina, 1 year old, was returned to hospital.

“What seemed like a quick hospitalization for simple procedures was turning once more into a stay with blood pools, electroencephalograms, intercurrent, seizures, visit to the surgical center, deep access, venous antibiotic,” wrote Letícia.

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“That complete package à la Guilhermina, which people have never met, knows that you need patience and a lot of attention to detail. Charity to treat the people and much prayer and faith that everything will be true”, he completed.

The little girl was admitted to the fourth (15/3) to exchange for a tracheostomy cannula.

Maria Guilhermina was born in June 2022, with a rare congenital heart disease. A girl passed hospitalized for seven months to treat Ebstein’s anomaly.

Married since 2011, Cazarré and Letícia are still in the country of Vicente, 12 years old, Inácio, 9, Gaspar, 3, and Maria Madalena, 2.

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