In the midst of turmoil, Carlito, of the essential duo McFly and Carlito, can count on the support of his admirers… In addition to that of his relatives. This Friday, March 17, 2023, the main interested party came out of his silence to give news of his third child who was born at the start of the year. Like his two eldest, he is the fruit of his love affair with Erika Fleury, ex-member of WhatFor.

On March 5, Carlito expressed his concerns about the infant’s state of health due to “complications”: “This combined with a good big burn-out which does not facilitate anything. I disconnect everywhere because there are priorities as you can imagine. There, it’s more fun but it will soon be fun again in the most free of ways. Take care especially you.” In the process, the videographer and his sidekick Mcfly announced that they were putting their collaboration on hold for the time being.

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“The diagnosis has come…”

A necessary break for Carlito who has so far focused on his family. Via his Instagram story, the artist wanted to thank his subscribers for their countless messages of support. “First of all, thank you all for your many messages, it’s very touching.“, he underlined before specifying: “The diagnosis came and our son has Hirschsprung’s disease (malformations of the digestive tract, note). Behind this strange name hides a very boring dysfunction“.

In this poignant publication, Carlito also slipped a short video in which we see him tenderly cradling his baby: “The operation takes place in a month. It’s hard but, if we put it into perspective, if we compare, it’s not much. At least we hope“. The opportunity for him to praise the work of the medical teams who are on all fronts on a daily basis: “A thought for all the dilapidated hospitals, the rotten walls, the tired lights, the exhausted, unmotivated, underpaid staff, great recognition and great misunderstanding about the lack of budget allocated to the health sector, which saves us, which saves our children”. We can only hope that his son regains his health as soon as possible. Support !


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