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The program display The House of Los Famososversion with Latin celebrities of the big Brotherfeatured a thank you from Telemundo for the Globe for the expulsion in MC guime It is shoe face of BBB 23. The channel where the competition is shown in the United States approved the attitude of the Brazilian broadcaster after the two participants committed acts of sexual harassment with Dania Mendezwho was doing an exchange program at the Brazilian attraction.

“Telemundo does not accept any type of inappropriate behavior in its programs”, began speaking host Héctor Sandarti (check out the video below). “The safety and well-being of our talent and employees is always our top priority.”

“La Casa de Los Famosos thanks TV Globo and Big Brother Brasil for the high degree of professionalism and respect for handling the situation at all times,” he continued. “A person responsible for the production of La Casa de Los Famosos traveled with Dania to Brazil to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible.”

Dania Mendez joined Big Brother Brasil last Wednesday (15), coming from La Casa de Los Famosos. On the same night, during Leader Partythe Mexican influencer had difficulty extricating herself from Cara de Sapato, who stole a kiss from her, applied immobilization blows (he is an MMA fighter) and got under the girl’s duvet, despite her frequent denials.

already guime groped the butt of Dania, causing her to withdraw the singer’s hand quickly. In another moment, he also touched the side of her breast. The fact made his wife, Lexa, speak out saying that she would stop watching the reality show.

On Thursday (16), both were expelled from the program. Furthermore, on Friday (17), the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro summoned the two participants to give testimony in an investigation that investigates the crime of sexual harassment. They should be heard in the coming days.

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