São Paulo

Face of Shoeone of the expelled participants of BBB 23 on Thursday (16) after force a kiss on Dania Mandez, spoke through social networks this Saturday afternoon (18). The fighter said he had to watch the scenes recorded on the program to “reframe the look”. The attitude can be classified as sexual harassment.

“It was all very troubled, it happened very fast and it made me sad. I’ve always valued well-being and never imagined myself in that situation, at the time I didn’t realize that I could be crossing the line. For me, it’s a path of deconstruction, which is not an on and off button,” he began.

“I watched everything to understand and reframe my view and I understood that these are attitudes that can never be normalized. The most important thing is to apologize to Dania, the family and all the women who felt affected. I am a fighter and I fight for good causes and now it’s learning from mistakes and defeats”. Finally, he thanked the messages of affection and, mainly, those who “pointed out the mistakes”.

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