Rio de Janeiro

After the departure of Dania Mendez from BBB 23 earlier this Friday afternoon (17), the Mexican’s family decided to comment on social networks. In a note, they thanked the public for their affection towards their sister in amid allegations of sexual harassment and, consequently, the eliminations of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato from the Brazilian reality show.

“With all our hearts, we want to endlessly thank all the people who are supporting Dania with so much love, sisterhood and understanding,” the note begins. “Thank you to the production of Big Brother Brasil and Casa de Los Famosos USA for taking care and protecting Dania and all the women of the two projects”, continues the text of her sister’s relatives, which also highlights the example given to the whole world of the two productions with regarding respect for women.

The family tried to reassure Dania’s fans regarding her sister’s state of mind. “We are reassured to know that Dania is well and protected at all times. Our hearts go out to the public in both countries, to her teammates for being with her and supporting her at this time. Thank you for so much love.”

Dania still has no idea of ​​the acceptance she had from the Brazilian public. On social networks, fans already want to make her champion of the reality show La Casa de Los Famosos 3. A campaign in favor of the sister was even started, but Brazilians are not allowed to vote on the program’s website. When the page is accessed, a message appears saying that voting is not available in the area of ​​Brazil: “The voting of La Casa de Los Famosos is not available in your area.”

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