São Paulo

Dania Mendez, Mexican participant of La Casa de Los Famosos who made a exchange with key alves, is receiving affection from the Brazilian public. After leaving the house of BBB 23 on Friday afternoon (17) after spending two days confinedshe gained 700 thousand followers on Instagram and several comments in Portuguese.

The influencer now has almost four million followers on the social network alone. In the most recent post, Dania shows off a look to the sound of Brazilian funk “Jogadinha do Paqueta”, by MC Rf and DJ Kaio. In the comments, many Brazilians praise and support Dania after the Mexican being sexually harassed by MC Guimê and Cara de Sapatowhich resulted in the expelled both from the program.

“Brazil loves you, come more often. Our mission is to make you champion of La Casa de Los Famosos”, wrote an internet user who identifies herself as Nayara. “Dania, stay calm because Brazil will vote incessantly for you to win the prize in Mexico” said another profile with the name of Jaque Moreira.

Guimê and Sapato were summoned to testify by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, in an investigation that the authorities opened to investigate their actions in the house, and should be heard in the coming days.

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