São Paulo

Friday (17th) was a party in Brazil and Mexico. At the BBB 23 (Globo), the brothers enjoyed the NX Zero show and already at La Casa de Los Famosos, Key Alves he taught his colleagues in confinement what dances are like in Brazil. But the moment passed quickly, because the soundtrack in the Mexican confinement was practically reggaeton-style songs.

At the BBB, the brothers hosted the NX Zero show, renewing the house’s energies. But after the band withdrew, the mood wasn’t the best. Bruna Griphao still recalls that MC guime It is shoe face are no longer in the program and it is sad, but Cezar Black It is Domitila cheer her up.

The party was a moment for the participants to let off steam and forget about the latest events in the house. Last Thursday (16), Cara de Sapato and MC Guimê were expelled of reality, leaving the brothers shocked. The atmosphere turned terrible, which lasted for a while until the start of the party, but little by little they understand that the game needs to go on.

At a certain point in the party, the song “Clareou” by Diogo Nogueira starts playing and everyone starts to remember Cara de Sapato. Amanda cries, but is criticized on the web for it. Hugging, Fred also cries and is consoled by Marvvila. “Strength, don’t let your shine take away, no”, says the singer. “How sad, out of nowhere”, says Bruna Griphao.

In Mexico, Raul, a Mexican participant, made a pun with the song “Felice Los 4” and put Cara de Sapato in the middle. For those who don’t know, Arturo is in love with Dania Mendez, so his colleagues wanted to disturb him with the situation. However, they do not imagine about the seriousness that happened in Brazil between the fighter and the Mexican.

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