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Amanda Meirelles ended up among the most commented subjects on Twitter, this Friday (17). Internet users rescued a video of the party of the then leader MC guime at the BBB 23, where the doctor refers to the Mexican Dania Mendez as “lunchbox”. The comment came during a conversation with Antonio Cara de Sapato, Cezar black, Aline Wirley It is Gabriel Santana.

The sister points to Cezar and calls him a “sneaky cat” for trying to approach the Mexican, supposedly, behind Cara de Sapato’s back. “Look at that sneaky cat! It’s piercing its eye… It wants to put the ‘garfito’ in its lunchbox”, Amanda commented to the group, who had fun with the participant’s comment. Netizens pointed Dania as the “lunchbox” and tried to criticize the doctor.

“It’s absurd for a woman to call another ‘lunchbox’. Disappointed with Amanda”, wrote a follower. “Calling a woman ‘lunchbox’ a man comes from an extremely sexist and disgusting vocabulary and mentality”, commented another internet user and a third Twitter user did not forgive: “Impressive how masks fall over time!”.

It didn’t take long for the hashtag “‘Fora Amanda” to gain momentum on the networks. The doctor from Paraná was one of the main allies of Cara de Sapato, who was expelled from BBB 23. The MMA fighter was accused of sexual harassment after footage showed him immobilizing Dania to kiss her. He also kisses the Mexican and covers them both with a blanket. Guimê was seen groping the Mexican and was also expelled from reality. Dania left the house early this Friday afternoon (17).

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