tierry recorded his new DVD on the night of the last fourth fair (16/3) and took advantage of it to show the homage that fez for Marilia Mendonca, who died in November 2021, after a plane crash. The singer takes advantage of the moment to declare himself to Rainha da Sofrência.

“Everyone knows the love that I have for Marília, no matter how important she is in her short career. Since Rita emerged, without doubt, one of two more major events, or what fez or Brazil I know, was a comment on the life of Marília. And she also sang with me HackearamI know that, without doubt, it is one of the most beautiful and important music of my short career”, he explained, in a video published by Quem.

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Tierry explained that he was afraid of Marília Mendonça. “This is my great reference, a composer who became a singer. There are thousands of reasons to say that Marília is important to me because she is here in my life ”, she completed.

Profile “hacked”

If you enter Marília Mendonça’s Instagram, you will be able to see that the singer’s team has published two videos about something possible hacker that invaded the social network of the singer. Meanwhile, the published videos show a new album by the artist, which will die in November 2021.

“The profile of Rainha was hacked, at any moment we will reveal its next decrees”, said the first video, published on the last quarter-feira (16/3). Some hours later, the singer’s profile announced the new album. “Profile recovered. Royal Decrees vol. 3 unlocked”, said the legend.

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