Aquarius: follow, that’s the key word. Have a north, set the compass and move on. Along the way there will be winds, storms, tides, but the important thing is to ensure the rudder in the direction of the goal. Gemini: sometimes waiting for the moment, postponing, is not resigning your project, it just means knowing how to wait for the opportunity. Success. Libra: you always, always, always know how to reach people’s souls. It’s all you need.

Today is Blue Self-Existing Night in the Mayan Synchronary

Positive thoughts open doors. When you think positively, a series of fortuitous events conspire in your favor. The Universe puts its divine machinery into operation and endless opportunities begin to appear before you. Trust in the Universe. The “YES” opens paths. Every time you think positively, an infinite number of doors begin to open for you.


I see all the doors open before me.

From the book ONE YEAR TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE by Gabriel Mariano Rugiero

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