They had a well-honed technique. At the service station, at parking meters or even at the ticket machine, they did not hesitate to come and offer their help to the elderly. And always took the opportunity to squint at their credit card code before extracting them. Before going to withdraw money.

Between February and November 2022, five Toulouse residents stole and defrauded nearly thirty victims throughout the Haute-Garonne department, expanding their hunting ground to Carcassonne. After a preliminary investigation entrusted to the property crime unit of the departmental security of Toulouse which made the connection between the various thefts, a judicial investigation for thefts, scams and associations of criminals was opened.

The technical investigations made it possible to trace the trail of five men. Identified, they were arrested in the four corners of Toulouse last Tuesday by teams from the Raid, the anti-crime brigade and the Departmental Intervention Company.

Aged between 20 and 46, they were taken into custody. During the searches, the police discovered 11,000 euros in cash and a sawed-off long gun. Brought to justice this Friday, they were indicted and imprisoned.

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