More than a month after causing a terrible car accident which caused several serious injuries, Pierre Palmade is free. On February 10, the famous 54-year-old comedian was driving under the influence of drugs when he violently hit another vehicle on a secondary road. On board: a pregnant woman who lost her baby, her brother-in-law who is still in hospital and his six-year-old son who was “disfigured”.

Despite this, Pierre Palmade will not go to prison. If it had been decided that he will be remanded in custody, it has finally been agreed that he will simply undergo treatment at the hospital. “The investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal held that Pierre Palmade’s state of health was not incompatible with continued detention” indeed specified the Paris Court of Appeal.

Pierre Palmade case: the state of health of the victims revealed
This Thursday, March 16, 2023, Ilmaz and Omer, respectively cousin and nephew of the man in the hospital was on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” to give news of the victims. The opportunity for them to reveal that the six-year-old boy has no memory of the accident, which had a fractured jaw. Nevertheless, he must follow a specialized treatment: “He still has 24 or 25 sessions to go to see his doctor, he is still on medication so as not to have epileptic seizures” they explained before specifying that the child does not can’t speak since the drama.

Still in hospital, the little boy’s father does not remember the accident either. “He feels a little better. He takes 15 medications to calm the pain, plus injections. He’s had surgery 7 times. He doesn’t eat much. He doesn’t remember the accident,” explained the two guests.

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The families of the victims not resentful
Against all odds, the family of the victims assured not to blame the famous comedian even if they are very disappointed and shocked to see that he is not in prison: “I hope that Pierre Palmade will be treated, we We don’t want another accident like this to happen again. I want justice to do its job,” Ilmaz said. “We can forgive him, we are not here against Pierre Palmade, to hurt him, we just want justice to do its job,” he added. A wisdom hailed by Matthieu Delormeau and several other columnists on set.


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