A decision that made many citizens jump. While demonstrations and several acts of revolt have been taking place across the country for several weeks, Elisabeth Borne has delivered her verdict. Whether the French people like it or not, the new pension reform was adopted this Thursday, March 16 with the use of the Prime Minister’s favorite legislative weapon: 49.3. A few hours after this announcement, our colleagues from Point announce that Elisabeth Borne, weakened as never after this new admission of powerlessness, is about to be left by her chief of staff.

Indeed, Aurélien Rousseau, should soon leave Matignon according to our colleagues. A decision, just hours after the “adoption” of the pension reform. But didn’t see any connection there. Indeed, in the government, we assure that the “departure is recorded” but they are simple “personal reasons, in no way related to the current political situation”. No connection or not, this decision raises many questions. Especially since Point teaches us that Aurélien Rousseau is a very “appreciated in power for his ‘bonhomie'”.

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Elisabeth Borne alone against all

But as our colleagues note, some criticisms began to arrive from the fall of 2022. Within the executive and the majority, members would have even qualified the director of cabinet of Élisabeth Borne as“omnipotent”. Moreover, the promotion of his book “on his experience at the head of the ARS in the midst of a health crisis, La Blessure et le Rebond”would have been viewed with a dim view also, according to Point.

Relatives of Emmanuel Macron accuse him of “looking for the light” too much at his post. Which would be “clearly not a good thing” according to them. They also ensure that Aurélien Rousseau “was fed up and the relationship was not perfectly oiled with Alexis Kohler (secretary general of the Élysée: editor’s note)”. Wouldn’t Maus Aurélien Rousseau get ready to pack his bags before the government is overthrown? Indeed, according to our colleagues, he would have recently informed relatives that he feared the vote of a motion of censure which overthrows the government. A motion of censure which could be tabled in the coming days…


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