Sporting Cristal faces Huracán for the second leg of Phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores

Second intervention of VAR against Sporting Cristal. the brazilian Raphael Claus annulled what would have been the 1-0 in favor of the rimenses in the match against Hurricane by Libertadores Cup 2023. Brenner Marlos he had scored his first goal with a shirt ‘sky blue’.

When bordering the 14 minutes of the first half, the attacker had released his scoring account with the ‘brewer’but the judge of the match, his compatriot, received the call from his video arbitration colleagues for a previous violation of Yoshimar Yotunso he decided to go to the screen to observe this situation.

After visualizing the action for an average of two minutes, the person in charge of imparting justice in the evening decided to cancel the favorable goal for those directed by Tiago Nunessince he determined that ‘Yoshi’ fouled against the left back Guillermo Benitez. Immediately after rectifying his initial decision, he proceeded to admonish the player from the peruvian team.

This was the second action in which the modern arbitration system intervened to the detriment of Sporting Cristal, since before the minute of play it backed down after taking a penalty from Guillermo Soto about Washington Corozo.

The disallowed goal for Brenner Marlos came after a great collective play by the cast ‘bajopontino’. The action began with Yotún’s infringement on Benítez, after the friction between the two players, the ball was released and was taken by jesus castillowho sent a pass to the Ecuadorian Corozo.

The attacker born in Guayaquil took the ball in the rival field and began a career towards the opposite area, facing the defender Fernando Tobio and filtering a pass between the lines to Jostin Alarcon. The former Sport Boys made a turn before touching the round and in one touch unloaded for Yoshimar Yotún.

The 32-year-old veteran footballer received the ball and without stopping it assisted Brenner, who controlled it and immediately afterwards fired a low shot into the middle of the goal that went past the goalkeeper Lucas Chavez. This was going to be the first goal that the ‘balloon’ conceded in the tournament, but Raphael Claus decided to cancel it.

In the case of the former Ituano, the target turned into the National Stadium in front of more than 35 thousand fans was his debut scorer with the silks ‘celestial’ after previously participating in six matches, three by cup and another three by League 1 2023.

Sporting Cristal faces Huracán for the second leg of Phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores

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