TikTok’s Beauty Sphere never stops finding the most fashionable beauty nuggets for us. From make-up to skincare and hair care, the platform is full of beauty treasures that you absolutely must shop.

To illuminate and take care of their eyes while fighting against signs of fatigue and wrinkles, the favorite social network of gen Z has this time unearthed these eye contour patches called Gods Skin Forever Eye Maskecological and economical.

True little beauty secrets, the Forever Eye Masks by Dieux Skin are a hit on TikTok and provide the fragile eye contour area with intense hydration. But that’s not all, because their fine and light texture which easily grips the skin also increases the effects of your skincare and other eye contour serums tenfold, to allow the product to be optimally absorbed and more effective.

@erinduganjurchak Trying out the “Forever Eye Mask” from @Gods ((ps this company is co-founded by one of my fave creators @charlotteparler she is a must-follow for skincare nuts like me)) #skincare#godskin#eyemask♬ More Than A Woman – SG’s Paradise Edit – Bee Gees & SG Lewis

Promoting maximum penetration of your products, the Forever Eye Masks help plump up the skin, fight against fine lines around the eye area, and revitalize this sensitive area to allow you to look refreshed and fully hydrated. Reusable, just wash and dry the patches after each use and you’re done, no more throwing away!

Everyday allies, these small patches with an original design have accumulated thousands of views on TikTok and have quickly become real must-haves to fight against dark circles, wrinkles and tired eyes.

Forever Eye Mask Gods Skin, 24€

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Johanna Arnoult

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