María Eugenia Vidal, Alfredo Cornejo and Rodolfo Suárez
María Eugenia Vidal, Alfredo Cornejo and Rodolfo Suárez, in Mendoza

After the photo of Patricia Bullrich at the Harvest Festival, Mary Eugenia LifeHe had his campaign postcard with the radicals this Thursday alfredo cornejo and the governor Rodolfo Suarez: in the capital of Mendoza, the PRO presidential candidate had lunch with both and the three coincided in need of preserve unity of Together for Change beyond electoral friction.

The meeting takes on a particular meaning in the internal JxC because Mendoza is one of the districts where the PRO and the UCR are in conflict after the larretista Omar De Marchi announced that he wanted to compete for the gubernatorial candidacy with Cornel by outside of the acronym Together for Change. And De Marchi maintains in his posture, but it was losing internal support. Larreta himself asked him to compete within the PASO of JxC, but, after Bullrich, Vidal is the first reference of weight of the party that met and was photographed with Cornejo and Suárez, between appeals to the unit opponent and a formal backing De Marchi as the PRO candidate.

On her visit to Mendoza, Vidal was accompanied by her campaign manager, Dario Nieto, Buenos Aires legislator of the PRO and one of the main collaborators of Mauricio Macri. After lunch with Cornejo and Suárez, at the governor’s residence, they shared a visit to a waste recycling plant and then planned to visit the Mendoza city of Santa Rosa and return to the provincial capital to speak with neighbors. This Friday they will visit a winery that uses blockchain technology.

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María Eugenia Vidal with Cristian Ritondo, Alex Campbell and Lucas Yacob, in Avellaneda
María Eugenia Vidal with Cristian Ritondo, Alex Campbell and Lucas Yacob, in Avellaneda

“I see one huge concern by inflation and the increase in security and the advance of drug trafficking,” Vidal declared. These are answers that cannot wait and that we must all contribute from where we are. There is no other way than the reforms with profound and urgent changes”.

Regarding the conflict of Together for Change in Mendoza, the PRO candidate thanked Cornejo and Suárez because “We support the unity (of JxC) together at the national and provincial level” and affirmed that “in all parts of the country, and Mendoza is no exception, there must be unity, in the same way that we were responsible sustaining the unit for eight years.”

Even so, Vidal supported De Marchi: “Omar is a benchmark for PRO and I will support the PRO candidatesas Alfredo (Cornejo) will do with the radicals throughout the country, but with the understanding that we have to sustain unity at the national and provincial level once the PASO ends.

María Eugenia Vidal with neighbors in Avellaneda
María Eugenia Vidal, meeting with neighbors in Avellaneda

The former governor continues with her trips to the interior, in contact with neighbors and productive sectors, as part of her strategy of secure his presidential candidacy, supported by Macri. Vidal maintains equidistance of his rivals in the PRO, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich.

Before traveling to Mendoza, as part of his Buenos Aires incursions, Vidal toured the city of avellaneda With Christian Ritondo, his candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires, and in the next few days he will return to the suburbs with a visit to an electoral stronghold of Peronism such as The slaughter. In the interior, the province of Between rivers as your next destination.

“we are preparing to rule and we have to have well clear why do we want to do it,” said the former president during her tour of Avellaneda, where she was also accompanied by the provincial deputy of PRO alex campbell and the councilor Lucas Jacob, mayoral candidate.

Vidal’s electoral campaign will be interrupted for a few days for personal reasons: he will marry the journalist on Saturday the 25th of this month Enrique “Quique” Sacco after almost four years of relationship.

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