Lance Reddick, known by the hard work in john wick e The Wire died in this sixth fair (17/3). Second information from police sources for or TMZ, the actor was found lifeless at home by man. The cause of the death has not yet been defined, but in suspense it has been due to natural causes.

The artist was doing a printing tour for the fourth film of the John Wick franchise, scheduled for March 23rd. Lance, including, will be present in long-metragem, interpreting the character Charon.

Before the success of the John Wick films, Lance was known for playing Cedrick Daniels, an officer of the Baltimore Police Department, in five seasons of the series The Wire.

The actor also participated in other popular shows such as Fringe, Bosch, Oz and Lost. On the curtains, he works on Angel Has Fallen and Godzilla Vs. Kong. He was also involved with a project in the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, on Disney+.

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