Always, every March 17, the princes of Cambridge attend the act of celebration of the military ceremony of the Saint Patrick’s day. But this one is special because she debuts it as Princess of Cambridge and Colonel of the Irish Guards Regiment at Aldershot.

Kate Middleton She is in charge of handing out twigs of clover to the officers, a symbolic figure that Kate has also worn as a whole. It is a very important date because of the story that she hides behind her, and it is for this reason that the princess always looks impeccable during her attendance.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton with an officer.

But if we look back, she always wears a very similar outfit, a long military green coat (how could it be otherwise) and a headdress. It is true that this time it has been different and the coat has been turquoise, wanting to show a change, going from duchess to princess.

She has come, as usual, with her husband, the Prince Guillermountil Aldershot to preside over the tribute. Radiant as always, the royal bet, for the eleventh time in a row, for a dress type coat with crossed design but in turquoise color. A very recurring piece style in your dressing room.

Kate Middleton
kate with him Prince Guillermo

On her head, the Princess of Wales wears a headdress of jane taylor made to measure for the royal, which is made up of a leaf-shaped base with pleated tulle ruffles that simulate the petals of a flower. It’s the Clio model., which is sold on the web for 1,400 euros.

Kate Middleton
the headdress of Jane Taylor.

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