Wanda Nara is about to be tested as a driver of master chef and all eyes are on her and her performance. The famous will be accompanied by chefs from previous editions: Damian Betular, german martitegui and donato de santis. What happens is that not everyone liked the incorporation of the businesswoman as a driver, and Karina Iavicoli He made his annoyance known.

Karina Iavicoli
Karina Iavícoli and Flor de la V, host of intruders

She has to show what she is like as a driver, alone. And there is no edition that saves it. This is not to be thrown away unless we are going to see you when you start to criticize it first. On Tuesday we destroy you. But it seems to me that now everything depends on her“, explained the journalist.

Despite saying it wasn’t a criticism, Karina he got carried away and let see what really bothers him: “What bothers me are the paratroopers, in this case Wanda is. Although Telefe chooses her and it is a bit unfair“. The panelist from intruders hinted at Wanda’s inexperience: “She doesn’t have half a brain to say ‘I’m not ready for this’. And I’ve known her since she started, from Maradona’s underpants.”.

iavicoli expressed his discomfort: “He wants to make people believe that anyone who started from the bottom can, and that is a lie. That happens to one in a million“He also explained that Wanda is where she is thanks to icardi. “She married a millionaire, if she did not have Mauro’s money that accompanied her, today she would not be hosting a program or being Wanda Nara“.

master chef
master chef flyer

The prestigious cook took sides with one of the drivers of the format.

A new edition will be released soon. master chef on the Telefe screen, only this time with the driving debut of Wanda NaraThere are many expectations and debates that are generated regarding the change of presenter and the role that the businesswoman will carry out.

And in the last few hours, shortly after the channel began promoting the return of the format for next Monday night, the 20th, several specialists in the subject, journalists and former participants in the cooking reality show, began to give their opinion on the brand new incorporation of women from Mauro Icardi.

In this context, it was added Dolly Irigoyen to the controversy offering his point of view from his vast experience on what is coming in the format with the media at the forefront. “This edition of Masterchef is different because there are no celebrities, the value of the participants must be that of knowing how to cook. It’s going to be super interesting for me,” began the former jury of Bake Off.


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