At the Accor Arena,

“We burned the fire, shit had to happen,” smiles Juliette Armanet on the Bercy stage in front of 15,000 people. Finally certainly a little less because five minutes before the Parisian concert hall was evacuated just before the recall of his tour “Brûler le feu”. The reason ? An alarm prompting you to leave the room. The public complies. “It sucks at the time of the recall”, plague a spectator.

Barely on the forecourt, the crowd turns around and reinvests Bercy. The spectators see Juliette Armanet start a slam in the pit before resuming her singing turn. “You freaked out Bercy! “, she laughs. “It was my worst nightmare, admits the singer. I spent the night last night [jeudi] tell me what’s going to happen? Break my leg? Forget the lyrics? Am I wrong in the chords? And in fact, there was that. It’s legendary, “she says to applause before triggering laughter by asking for” a vodka.

In front of her piano, Juliette Armanet plays “Save my life”. Another occasional song. She ends this first fiery Bercy with “Red cheeks”. She had them for an unforgettable concert.

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