Jessica Cediel began to give ‘sneak peaks’ of what could be her debut in music

Jessica Cediel She is an actress, journalist, model and presenter who has become recognized for having been the face of variety shows. Very good days, RCN style and of the reality My name isamong others.

Cediel has been conquering a large fan base since her first appearance in 2002, through the program bravíssimo of CityTV, where dazzled by her beauty and talent. Since then, she has dedicated herself to building and strengthening her career in the world of entertainment, so much so that she has managed to present and perform in other countries.

Cediel is always very active on her account Instagram, where he gives his 9.9 million followers content about his trips to the United States and Mexico, countries where he has several professional projects, and the fact is that the musical theme was born precisely in the Central American country, because there he began to take his first steps towards another of his passions.

The artist is ready to release a song / Instagram
The artist is ready to release a song / Instagram

During November 2022, the presenter of the much-followed program The discharge she felt inspired to post a video performing the song Your prison in a professional studio, which he accompanied with the phrase:

“At the request of the public. Here I share one of the many sessions that we had this year in the studio from a country that I love very much! Mexico. How nice to start hand in hand with such talented people in the music industry. We left… this is just beginning.”

After revealing “tremendous bomb” months ago, the 40-year-old model had to “stop” her plans to make music because she had to face the health consequences that biopolymers have left her. Cediel was talking with the news portal kienyke about his new projects and about what he thought of the criticism that many tend to make him, he said:

“I don’t care if they throw ‘hate’ at me. I am going to release a song that is going to be spectacular, we had already been working on it since May in Mexico but other “little things” happened but I am going to resume, I am going to continue studying, I am going to leave this gift to my beautiful people”, he affirmed to the half.

The woman from Bogotá, who is resuming her artistic career “with everything”, began 2023 with various projects, including her presentation on the Snail Television, that is aiming very well in rating, plus a new film in which he is the protagonist and works hand in hand with the comedian Diego Camargo.

After his already built career in acting and presenting not only nationally but also internationally, he has already decided to launch as a singer and in this regard he concluded: “Look, I have already worked here, I have also acted in the United States, movies in English, in Spanish, what do I need? Sing! And yes, then comes that little gift for 2023″.

During November 2022, the model made a recording in a professional studio and by the hand of a great music / Instagram
During November 2022, the model made a recording in a professional studio and by the hand of a great music / Instagram

Many other things and projects are coming up for the actress that, as she has said: they have her “very happy and grateful with life.”

In an interview he had with the Week and after the question: ¨What does Jessica Cediel still have to do, would she be measured at singing too?¨, she replied:

¨I have been able to do everything I wanted, work on wonderful projects, in Colombia and the United States and share with wonderful people. I used to say since last year: “The only thing I need is to sing”. And in La Descarga they proposed it to me, but I told them that I wanted to prepare because the public deserves respect. I like my color of voice, and I was in Mexico last year with a music producer, Spanish Joan Romagosa, Grammy winner, who has worked with renowned artists such as David Visbal, Miguel Bosé and Maluma. The project was put on hold because I had to travel to Colombia to have surgery and my recovery took time, but this year we are going to resume and fulfill what I need, to make a song for the sheer pleasure of singing. I hope this year to debut as a singer¨.

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