Jennifer Lopez maintains a specific eating routine that, far from imposing a ban on eating certain foods, proposes “accelerate metabolism.”

The promoter of this trend is the nutritionist of the famous, haylie pomroy what do you propose a plan for “using food strategically to burn fat”.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer López’s diet to speed up metabolism and with which she lost several kilos

As the doctor said, this food project goes through phases and, at the beginning, there are some prohibited foods. The truth is that, over time, the key is simply to lead a healthy life with consistent habits.

How is the diet to speed up the metabolism of Jennifer Lopez

The keys to this eating plan that follows Jennifer Lopez It has a series of basic but fundamental items.

Options include do daily aerobic physical activity, hydrate with water and avoid sugary drinks. Also eat small portions and several times a day.

The first single photos of Jennifer López after confirming her breakup from Alex Rodríguez
“Using food strategically to burn fat” is the key to Jennifer Lopez’s diet

It is also proposed consume more protein such as white meat, fish and protein-rich vegetables such as soybeans and quinoa.

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