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the influencer isa scherer said, this Friday (17), that he would have suffered harassment in the past. In publications on social networks, the MasterChef Brazil winner made a statement describing situations in which she realized she had been abused, amid the repercussions of the case of sexual harassment within the BBB 23, involving MC Guimê, Cara de Sapato and Dania mendez.

“Not reacting to harassment does not mean consent. Unfortunately, many women, as is my case, feel very coerced and nervous, having the first reaction of stopping. Not only in situations of harassment, almost all situations of strong emotions in the In my life, I don’t show much, I kind of get stuck. I don’t cry right away, I don’t scream, I get stuck, I stop,” she began.

As reported in stories, Isa said she was fully aware of what was happening. In one of them, behind the scenes of a soap opera, she remembers that she would do a sex scene and the director would have approached to check her bra. “He already arrived pulling my shirt and looking inside it, at my chest”, she said. “I must have froze a lot at the time, so much so that he realized and apologized. But I couldn’t react and I didn’t say anything”.

In another instance, the chef says that she would have been harassed by a casting coach during a theater course, in which the man was “much older” and he had rubbed her leg. “This must have lasted about 10 minutes and I couldn’t get any reaction. I knew exactly what was going on”, he lamented.

The third occasion reported by Isa was during her swimming lessons, when she was 12 years old. His memory is that, in his view, a masseur had crossed the line. “I was very young and I really thought it was part of the massage. He massaged my buttocks much, much more than any other masseur. It was weirdly squeezing.”

The influencer ended the statement by also remembering a supposedly abusive relationship. According to her, this would have been the “heaviest case”, in which an ex-affair had created a story that she would have had sex with two of his friends.

“Since I was drunk, I didn’t know if it really happened. If they had drugged me, if I really blacked out and they did that to me. Anyway, I called his friend who denied it. I did the regression, and he insisted, I did it a few times, nothing happened . I didn’t remember anything. After more than a year, he said he had thrown a green. And I really thought that had happened to me. I questioned my own sanity “, finished.

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