Virginia is not having a 2023 calm. Involved in some controversies such as the launch of a base of R$ 200, the influencer will have to deal with another quest: it is being prosecuted for Dhaisa do Carmo.

The influencer, who has 300,000 followers on Instagram, is in a legal action against the wife of Zé Felipe for an advertising contract. She alleges that she has been hired to make three Stories and a publication in Feed, but affirms that Virginia would not have complied with the agreement.

“I fulfilled all the obligations and took a turn. I contacted her, and she informed me that she would solve the problem and nothing was wrong”, explains Dhaisa.

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According to the proceedings, other obligations would be described, such as the duty of the contracting party to send text for postage legends. The deadline to deliver the content was made, therefore, the logo that the contract was awarded, Dhaisa would have started to have impasses with Virginia and with the company responsible for the advertising action.

In the process, the influencer requests the restitution of the heat that she spent with advertising, totaling R$ 13 thousand, and compensation for moral damages in the amount of R$ 60 thousand. EITHER metropolises I contacted the Virginia advisory, which, tied to the publication of this report, did not respond. The space remains open for future updates.

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