This Thursday, March 16, 2023, viewers of France 2 will be able to find Elise Lucet in a very special issue of “Cash Investigation”. To celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary, the channel’s teams have decided to highlight the major subjects that have had the merit of enthralling the crowds. “We launched a large consultation with viewers, first by asking them which were the surveys that had the most impact on them and which they wanted us to investigate again”indicated the indispensable journalist to our colleagues from “Pure Medias”.

Despite the enthusiasm around her reports, Elise Lucet refuses to produce an abundance of them. “Six a year and we don’t want more. Each issue is a year of investigation. At one point, the chain told us that it would be nice if we did 10 a year and we said no “said the widow of Martin Bourgeois. “If we want to keep the quality of the numbers we send on the air, we can’t do more. And that suits us very well.”

During her career, the main interested party had the chance to interview countless public figures. In 2013, on the occasion of the adoption of marriage for all at the National Assembly, Elise Lucet had invited Pierre Palmade for a debate on the 1 p.m. France 2. At the time, the artist was also promoting his new play entitled “Le Fils du comique”.

“I find that the masks have fallen…”

“I created my alter-ego, a famous comedian who has problems. In ‘Le Comique’ he had problems with carousing and there, in ‘Le Fils du comique’, he wants a child, whereas he is gay, but he will put two women in competition to make him a child”, analyzed the ex-acolyte of Muriel Robin. A work that stuck perfectly with French news.

As for the new law on marriage for all, Pierre Palmade had a clear opinion: “Me already, I like everything that can piss off homophobes. I find that the masks have fallen. I’m not necessarily for marriage”, analyzed the comedian. And to go further with philosophy: “But it made it possible to see who was who. And I think in this debate there were a few people who said to themselves ‘Oh finally, fags are not so dangerous’, I think the debate won us some sympathizers . It helped. We gained a little bit of people who were a little more relaxed on the gays…”. A point of view shared by his interlocutor.


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