Nothing is going any more in the National Assembly! This Thursday, March 16, 2023, Elisabeth Borne announced at the podium that she would use article 49.3 to have her new pension reform adopted. A decision which did not fail to ulcerate certain rebellious deputies or elected RNs. Stung to the quick, some of them even sang the Marseillaise while others urged her to “resignation”. Despite the significant uproar, the Prime Minister remained unmoved.

“Because I am attached to our social model and because I believe in parliamentary democracy, it is on your reform, for the text of the Parliament resulting from a compromise between the two assemblies, that I am ready to engage my responsibility” , released the main interested party to her colleagues before tackling the reactions of the opposition within the hemicycle. “If everyone voted according to their past convictions, we would not be here this afternoon”.

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“Thermometer 49.3”

Taken aback by “personal escapes”, Elisabeth Borne did not hesitate to point the finger “the behavior of those who have done everything to block the debate”. “The screams, as I speak, are just further proof of that,” regretted the politician, specifying that a “vote” would have “good place”.“This compromise is not the government’s plan, it is Parliament’s text”. On the Web, Internet users have been thousands to react to the announcement of the latter. And one of them had the merit of standing out with his tweet.

Her name ? Laurent Delahousse! Like his compatriots, the presenter of 8 p.m. of France 2 has been following for several months the countless twists and turns regarding this bill which is making headlines to this day. On the famous social network, the happy father of four children simply wrote: “Thermometer 49.3”. A post that had the merit of amusing its subscribers. “Direct paracetamol. Professional deformation”, “France in sweat”, can we read in the thread of comments. In the midst of turmoil, the famous journalist preferred to draw the map of humor. And it’s quite successful!


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