Jean Dujardin will be back at the cinema on March 22 with the film “Sur les chemins noirs”, an adaptation of a bestseller by Sylvain Tesson which tells the story of Pierre, a well-known writer who, after an accidental fall and a coma having left him with serious consequences, decides to resume, against the advice of the doctors, his hike through France. The opportunity for him to remember his life before his accident…

In full promotion of this new feature film, the 54-year-old actor multiplies the interviews and first confided in “Seven to Eight” on his feelings about the country, he who crossed France for the needs of filming. “I like to love this country and I like to say it, because I think that’s the biggest problem of this country: it doesn’t love itself or not enough,” he said. This has also generated the anger of some Internet users.

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Jean Dujardin happy to be a dad
In the columns of Paris Match, the actor opens up on a completely different subject: his family life. Father of two sons Simon (born in 2000) and Jules (born in 2001), born of his marriage to a woman named Gaëlle, he then became father of two daughters, namely Jeanne (7 years old) and Alice (2 years old), fruit of his union with skater Nathalie Péchalat. Having been a father during his thirties and then during his fifties therefore allowed him to experience fatherhood in two different ways: “At 30, you are on your own, you want to fight it out, you try to prove things to yourself and the children inevitably suffer from it – even if you always end up catching up with them, especially at home, a clan that strives not to leave anyone on the side of the road” he analyzed.

While today there is a kind of social pressure to have children “not too early”, “not too late”, Jean Dujardin is delighted to have been able to do as he saw fit. “We are ripped off on this age thing: we should be left with thirty-five to forty years of adolescence, we have children at 50, we begin to relax at 100 and we live to be 120. Here is the project!” he launched.

The man who won an Oscar in 2012 for his acting in the film “The Artist” also explains that it was this pretty blended family that weighed in on the balance when it came to choosing a career in the country of Uncle Sam: “When people tell me that I could have had a career in the United States, they forget something: I have a family, I have my life here. I assume my sons, I assume my daughters and I am happy to experience fatherhood again and to correct it. It’s like a second chance“.


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