The truth always comes out sooner or later. It also applies to the true identity of DJANGOthe protagonist of the western Sky Original which pays homage to the classic by Sergio Corbucci, from Friday 17 March with the last two episodes (ninth and tenth, also available on demand) exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW.

The circle is about to close. There is no longer any place for lies, secrets or unspoken truths. In the latest episodes, directed by Enrico Maria Artale with Francesca Comencini as artistic director, New Babylon is preparing to celebrate the return of Sarah (Lisa Vicari). As per tradition, for the celebration the city will open its doors to everyone, and amidst masks, fireworks and music it will explode into a carnival to celebrate life. But the carnival turns everything upside down, including the lives of Django (Matthias Schoenaerts), Sarah, John (Nicholas Pinnock) and Elizabeth (Noomi Rapace). Indeed, it is precisely among the masks that the enemy hides, insinuates himself into the crowd and behind the disguise he enters New Babylon to strike it in the heart. And a wounded heart, as we know, makes wicked deeds.

The river of blood is now only destined to widen and revenge to reap more victims. But while Sarah reveals to Django the true name of their family’s killer, thus showing how much their lives are linked to that of John Ellis, Elizabeth knocks on the doors of New Babylon with an army, eager to purify and destroy what she considers a den of lustful and faithless. It is only this threat that leads Django to postpone his desire for revenge, and to take sides in defense of a city now destined to turn into hell for those who have always considered it hell. War has really come, and no one will be spared.

The cast: Matthias Schoenaerts plays the iconic title character, alongside Nicholas Pinnock as John Ellis, the visionary founder of New Babylon, a Lisa Vicarswho in the series is Sarah, Django’s daughter, ea Noomi Raptor as Ellis’ powerful and ruthless enemy, Elizabeth Thurmann. Among other performers: Jyuddah Jaymes, Benny O. Arthur And Eric Kole as the sons of John Ellis, Tom Austen in those of the cowboy Eljiah Turner and Camille Dugay which will be Margaret, Django’s wife. With Manuel Lambs, Vinicius Marchioni, Thomas Trabacchi. And to pay homage to the myth of the cult western of Sergius Corbuccithe extraordinary participation of Frank Black.

Written by Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, DJANGO is a prestigious TV series in ten episodes shot entirely in English produced for Sky and CANAL+ by Cattleya and Atlantique Productions (part of Mediawan) and co-produced by Sky Studios and CANAL+, in collaboration with STUDIOCANAL and Odeon Fiction and with the support of the Ministry of Italian culture and the Romanian government.

SYNOPSIS – To celebrate Sarah’s return, John decides it’s time to throw a big costume party. The doors of New Babylon open for a memorable night where all are welcome. But Elizabeth also secretly manages to infiltrate to carry out her mission. After the fancy dress party Kevin attacks Elmdale. This gives Elizabeth the perfect pretext to assemble an army and attack New Babylon. The final battle is about to begin and all secrets will be revealed. The city needs a new leader.

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