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DAZN Serie B 2022/23 30th Day, TV commentator schedule (March 17 - 18 - 19)The 30th day on DAZN from the BKT 2022/23 series. Because during all these months of pause we have heard of Serie A TIM rather than BKT series? Because between large squares, luxury relegations, promotions awaited for years, surreal transfer market hits and even stronger confirmations than before, the cadet series grows and is a candidate to be next, a few steps away, from the Serie A TIM.

From 13:45 you can follow live on DAZN the day of SeriesBKT : access the platform with your device and watch the complete match so you don’t miss any action. You can follow every single game or enjoy every main action thanks to Goal area: the program that takes you to all the fields of Serie B, all in one channel. Real-time updates on current matches, live links and all goals: emotions from the first to the last minute.


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Digital-NewsDIGITAL-NEWS ( thanks to the kind permission of DAZN is pleased to be able to offer the complete programming for today’s Serie Bkt 2022-23 championship day.


  • 20:30 Serie B 30th Day: Palermo vs Modena (live)
    commentary: Dario Mastroianni – Comment: Stefan Schwoch
    Friday evening appointment at the Barbera, where Palermo hosts Attilio Tesser’s Modena. Match of particular importance, with the two teams looking for points to reach the playoff zone. Who will win?


  • 1.45 pm Serie B 30th Day: Serie B area (live)
    edited by: Alessandro Iori and Alessandro Budel
    Thanks to Zona Serie B you won’t miss anything from all the Serie BKT courts.
  • 2.00 pm Serie B 30th Day: Ascoli vs Venice (live)
    commentary: George Basile
    At the Del Duca Ascoli hosts Venice returning from the match at the Penzo against Brescia. Difficult to make predictions for a challenge that promises to be very balanced: how will it end?
  • 2.00 pm Serie B 30th Day: Brescia vs Genoa (live)
    commentary: Ricky Buscaglia
    For different reasons, for both teams this match is up for grabs 3 heavy points. Brescia wants to get them with a view to salvation, while Gilardino’s Genoa intends to win direct promotion without going through the playoffs. Who will win at Rigamonti?
  • 2.00 pm Serie B 30th Day: Cittadella vs Perugia (live)
    commentary: Mark Calabresi
    The Serie B center table gathers several teams in a few points. In this group there are Cittadella and Perugia, who navigate in a position where you have to look over your shoulder for the playout area without however abandoning your playoff dreams. Who will win the Bingo?
  • 2.00 pm Serie B 30th Day: Como vs Parma (live)
    commentary: Andrea Calogero
    After the away match in Benevento, Como returns to play at Sinigaglia, on the shores of the lake. Pecchia’s Parma visited the Larians on Saturday afternoon in Serie B, battling for the playoffs. Parma won the first leg thanks to Del Prato’s goal. Will the Como players be able to score points in front of their fans?
  • 2.00 pm Serie B 30th Day: Frosinone vs Cosenza (live)
    commentary: Gabriele Giustiniani
    At the Benito Stirpe stadium, the most classic spin-off between leaders Frosinone and Cosenza, bottom side of Serie B. The Lazio players have more than double the points of the Calabrians, who even went ahead in the first leg match after 20 minutes, to then suffer the return of Grosso’s team, then winning 2-1. Will there be surprises compared to the predictions in the second leg?
  • 2.00 pm Serie B 30th Day: Pisa vs Benevento (live)
    commentary: Edward Testoni
    The Arena Garibaldi is painted again in nerazzurro in the early afternoon of Saturday in Serie B: Pisa takes the field against Benevento. The Tuscans want the 3 points – which would be useful in view of the playoff race – against a team that is fighting to keep the category and will try to get a result with all its strength for this reason. In the first leg, the Samnites drew a goalless draw: how will the return match end?
  • 2.00 pm Serie B 30th Day: Sudtirol vs Spal (live)
    commentary: Alexander Rimi
    The Druso stadium fills up again for Sudtirol’s home match against Massimo Oddo’s SPAL, engaged in a complicated (but not impossible) comeback. Against the South Tyroleans, a revelation of the season, it won’t be easy to score points. It finished 1-1 in the first leg: will we see one of the two teams snatch the 3 points?
  • 4.15 pm Serie B 30th Day: Reggina vs Cagliari (live)
    commentary: Richard Mancini
    At the Granillo stadium in Reggio Calabria, two teams that have the playoffs as their stated goal, but which in the last period have been struggling to stay attached to the top of the class, challenge each other. Reggina, on the one hand, has squandered several points in this beginning of 2023, slowly slipping from second place to the edge of the playoff zone. On the other hand, Claudio Ranieri’s Cagliari is also fighting to deserve qualification, despite struggling and putting together a series of draws that leave a bitter taste for the Sardinians. How will this direct confrontation end? The first leg match ended 1-1, with Gagliolo answering Lapadula.


  • 4.15 pm Serie B 30th Day: Ternana vs Bari (live)
    commentary: Luke Farina
    Complicated away match at Liberati in Terni for Bari, protagonist so far in the cadet series with level performances and an absolutely positive ranking. First leg ended goalless and with little show: will one of the two be able to prevail this time?


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DAZN. GAME. CHANGED – All Serie A TIM, UEFA Europa League,
the Serie BKT, LaLiga, the NFL and many other sports starting from 29.99€ per month
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