Cyril Hanouna has decided to tighten the screw on “TPMP”. Indeed, this Friday, March 17, on the set of the daily, the host made an unexpected announcement which did not fail to astonish the columnists. An announcement following a statement by Gilles Verdez. He was first questioned by “Baba” about the weekend he planned with his girlfriend. “Besides, what is this weekend? Fatou again?”he asked his columnist who told him bad news.

Gilles Verdez will have to do without his muse. “This weekend, I think she will not be fully available. She is going to the Perche possibly”, he announced. Something to surprise Cyril Hanouna and his colleagues: “Gilles, stop a bit […] If in three years, my girl tells me I’m going to the Perche to rest… stop, it’s because she’s going to see a “perch” to get screwed up”. After making the set hilarious, the host was entitled to the version of his columnist. “No, she has friends in Perche!”he assures without really convincing his boss: “But no kidding. She didn’t invite you? She didn’t tell you to come? She just said I’m going there?”

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No more fun on “TPMP”

If Gilles Verdez indicated that he was going to accompany him in “car”he still has serious “doubts” after the declarations of Cyril Hanouna: “You’re making me doubt now. I’ll check anyway”. Doubts that only grew when the rest of the columnists shouted “mytho”. “It’s amazing that you don’t do anything together”is surprised Valérie Benaïm before the columnist retorts: “But if, for example, I asked for two days off. It’s in May, just before the days when we’re off, Tuesday and Wednesday, please don’t tell me no, Cyril!”.

But during this request, Gilles Verdez and the other columnists were treated to a strange announcement. “Ah, I have some very big news to announce to you”began Cyril Hanouna before announcing: “From Monday, no more phones will be accepted on set. I swear it’s true. Not even taking them down. You leave them. It will be from Monday. So if you have messages to make go to your friends you will call them before 6:40 p.m.. The columnists applauded this new rule to which they will have to stick to the letter. Indeed, the host assured that, from this hour, no more telephone will be on the set. Otherwise, and if he sees even one, “it ends at the bottom of [votre] ass”. A way to make the show a little more serious.


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