A video surveillance camera captured the moment when an alleged beggar was run over for a unit of public transport in the mayor’s office Magdalena Contrerassouth of Mexico City.

According to the data of the video, with a duration of 01:21 minutes, the incident occurred on the night of March 9, at 11:53 p.m., on a street in the Las Cruces neighborhood.

The images show how the subject falls from the door of the moving truck, which caused one of the tires would go over one of his legs, hook him and drag him several meters.

Realizing what had happened, the driver backed up to unhook the limb. A few seconds later, it is observed how a woman and a man approach the injured subject, argue with each other and move him away from the tire.

However, far from helping him, they come out of the shot and it can be seen how the truck starts and escapes from the placeso it is thought that both were on board the minibus.

According to reporter Abraham Mojica, from the portal Night Reportthe tragedy happened because the driver was upset that the victim got on to ask for money, so his assistant pushed him out of the unit.

Although the driver is a fugitive and has not been identified, it is known that the The truck’s license plates are 042-0027 for Route 42, which runs from El Capulín to San Ángel. The CDMX Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of Citizen Security are looking for him.

For his part, the 28-year-old victim was treated by emergency services, who stabilized him and He was taken to a hospital in serious condition.. Seven days after the event, he is still hospitalized.

(Photo: Twitter @andreslajous)
(Photo: Twitter @andreslajous)

After having circulated through the streets of Mexico City for more than 30 yearsthe head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported on March 14 that the minibuses will stop making their usual routes to make way for more modern buses.

At a press conference, he stated that the transition in the mobility project will be completed, at the latest, in the middle of the year 2024. And it is that she said that up to now bonuses have been granted so that the half of the park of minibuses that existed at the beginning of his administration stop providing his service.

“All the instruments are ready. All bonuses are ready. The issue is having the will of all the carriers, which we are sure will be the case. The idea is to complete all the remaining years this year to be able to start already in mid-2024 without minibuses”

(Photo: Mexico City)
(Photo: Mexico City)

It is worth mentioning that scrapped public transport units will not always be replaced by individual units or specific bus routes. In some cases some have stopped circulating for the implementation of other mobility projects such as the extension of lines 1 and 3 of the Metrobúsjust like him elevated trolleybus.

According to figures from the capital’s government, at the beginning of the Sheinbaum administrationthere were five thousand 800 minibuses in circulation. With the implementation of the renewal plan, bonds have been issued for the scrapping of two thousand 485 units, for which the disincorporation of three thousand 315 subtracts.

The The first time they circulated was in 1987. and they positioned themselves as the indicated transport to replace the departure of the buses attached to the company Autotransportes Urbanos de Pasajeros Ruta 100, which declared bankruptcy in 1995.

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