Passed by “The small newspaper” (today “Daily” on TMC: editor’s note) on Canal + a few years ago, Ophélie Meunier is now an accomplished journalist and has nothing left to prove. If some, at the time when she collaborated with Yann Barthès, judged that her presence in the program of Channel was simply due to her beauty, the 35-year-old journalist was able to demonstrate that her face was not her only quality, far from it. Presenter of today “Restricted zone” on M6 for almost seven years, the companion of Mathieu Vergne is more fulfilled than ever. However, she almost never made a career in this field.

Indeed, guest of Éric Dussart this weekend, Ophélie Meunier made a revelation on the show of RTL. If some have always highlighted her beauty, the young woman knew how to use this quality, which sometimes played tricks on her, to become… a model. As relayed by our colleagues from Tele-Leisurewhen she was still just a child, the journalist was spotted by a client of her father (he sold alarm systems: editor’s note).

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Ophélie Meunier, from the podiums to the presentation

“The person he was meeting that day ran a modeling agency and said, ‘She’s cute your kid, she looks smiling, you should take her to an agency'”remembers Ophélie Meunier who assures: “It really happened like that, very naturally”. An experience that always has much fun”. “So much so that I made it my job for six years. I took lots of photos, ads, fashion shows, trips… I met lots of people. It grows very fast”later confides the one who appeared in La Redoute And The 3 Swiss in the past.

But it was ultimately to the journalist that she decided to turn. The ex-acolyte of Yann Barthès knew that “It wasn’t going to last forever”especially when she interacted with the other models. “I sometimes had, in the same shoots as mine, model friends who were only a few years older than me and who started to say that they had less work and that they had to think about what was next”confides the journalist who then said to herself: if I wanted to go back to school and really learn a new job, I had to anticipate. After having “all done”whether it be “the information banner at 4am”assistant presenter, programmer… Mathieu Vergne’s partner has finally managed to go into a field that has always made her dream.


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