Junior Ciganofriend of shoe face, he revolted with the expulsion of the fighter from BBB23after an episode of assault at the last party, at the fourth fair (15/3). MC Guime He was also expelled from the reality show of Globo for the same reason.

Cigano, who is also a fighter, I regret not Twitter: “Drink is a piece of shit, viu? Uncreditable. Are you happy now?” The friend of Cara de Sapato turned off the publication after a few minutes.

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Understanding the expulsion of Cara de Sapato and Guimê

MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato were expelled from BBB23 in the fifth fair (16/3). Tadeu Schmidt, presenter of the reality show, announced the elimination of two participants during the live program. The wrestler was accused of harassing Dania Mendez and the singer of harassing a Mexican and Bruna Griphao.

The case began to have repercussions in the early morning of third, during the party of the Leader. MC Guimê began to be criticized on social networks for giving a cover to Bruna’s bunch, touching Dania’s sixes and trying to palpate the Mexican bunch. The videos will go viral on the social networks.

Cara de Sapato, for his time, must have a son forced in Dania and after that he went to immobilize the participant in bed, even with her refusals. On the web, people will revolt with the attitude of the fighter.

Even with the repercussions of the case, Globo still has not ruled on a possible expulsion of MC Guimê or Cara de Sapato. In the meantime, when BBB23 comes alive, Tadeu Schmidt says that serious measures will be taken. All the events of the past night were shown by the station, including the departure of Dania Mendez. Afterwards, the global presenter resumed contact with the inmates and informed about the expulsion of Guimê and Sapato.

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