São Paulo

On the night of this Thursday (16), Cara de Sapato and MC Guimê were eliminated from BBB 23 (Globe). After the announcement, Mexican Dania Mendez was called to the confessional. The program team wanted to know how the participant is after the eventbut the visitor says she is feeling very bad and guilty.

She then says: “Because I know they are good people. I understand that here, at Big Brother, women are taken care of and protected. way. I trust in God that it will be so. That they understand that every action has a reaction.”

The production explains that it saw and reviewed the scenes and, therefore, the decision was made because there was a need. During the conversation, they reinforced that it was their decision and not her responsibility. However, Dania kept crying and saying that she feels guilty: “I don’t want Guimê to have problems with his family and wife. I feel bad for them, because they are good people.”

On the web, Dania’s feeling reverberated, as many women sympathized with the Mexican by saying that she feels guilty. However, the victim is never to blame.


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