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O Me Too Brasil issued an official statement on the elimination of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato of BBB 23. In a text released this Friday (17), the organization “recognizes the right attitude of Rede Globo”, after the conduct of the brothers of sexual harassment against Dania mendez. The two participants were expelled from the reality and summoned to testify.

“The right decision of the reality show raises the debate on the need for the whole of society – public authorities, the private sector, leaders and communities – to engage against harassment and sexual harassment. A culture must be created. against harassment, so that everyone can support the victims, whether they are asking for help or not”, reinforces an excerpt from the note entitled “Globo’s decision is exemplary and the whole of society must mobilize against sexual harassment”.

The movement reminds that “stolen kiss” and “silly hand” are crimes with a prison sentence of 1 to 5 years. “It is important to remember that the victim’s testimony is just one of the possible elements of evidence in the construction of evidence in a criminal case”, highlights MeToo. “In the case in question, the recordings of the television program are full and absolutely unquestionable evidence of the conduct of the aggressors”.

More than that, the statement shows that the Mexican needs to be accompanied. “Welcome without judgment and with empathy for the victim is necessary, who obviously is not to blame for what happened and who often takes responsibility and is blamed for what happened, due to the sexist and patriarchal society in which we live”. On social media, still on Thursday night, celebrities and viewers warned about how much Dania had felt guilty.

“Therefore, it is necessary to welcome the victim, regardless of their position, with empathy and without judgment, guaranteeing their safety”, concludes the note.

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