São Paulo

Mc guimewho was expelled from BBB 23, made a first statement on social networks, this Friday afternoon (17). In publications in stories, the musician warned that he will speak, in full, in the next few hours and that he is “saddened by what happened since Wednesday”. He left reality after the sexual harassment case against Dania Mendez.

“I’m heartbroken, still processing everything that happened, that’s a lot of information. I am very upset for the moment, you will be able to see my words and I will tell you about all this and recognize my faults, I have a humble and open heart to recognize, I know that I made a mistake”, he confessed.

In addition, the artist took the opportunity to talk about the rumors that he would have raged with the production and direction of BBB 23, shortly after being disqualified. “These notes are the worst lie. Everyone knows the affection I have for them and they were able to meet Guilherme Dantas, the heart of Guimê, the way I really am, because there’s no way to be a character there, it’s a real life game, I want make it clear that I did not rage or curse anyone from the direction, production and cast”, he guaranteed.

A new statement should be made by Mc Guimê, in the next few hours, on his social networks.

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