São Paulo

Mc guime made an official statement this Friday night (17) after leaving the BBB 23. In a video on Instagram, the artist talked about how he is feeling after the case of sexual harassmentapologized to Dania and also to his wife, the singer Lexa. “I hope she forgives me”

“I understand the seriousness of the situation and I came here to apologize. I am very sorry for everything that happened on the program. I sincerely apologize to Dania, Lexa, Bruna, and to all the women who felt offended. It was never my intention”, he began.

The artist made a point of stressing how much he regrets and asked for forgiveness for having hurt the funk artist. “I believe that, with mistakes, we can learn and evolve, I’m willing to do that, reviewing all attitudes. BBB was a dream for me, and I understand the program’s decision, it’s a delicate moment for me and Lexa, I know she’s suffering with that, I love her very much, I feel bad for hurting her. She supported me, she never deserved that”.

In the final part, he insists on Lexa’s role: “From the inside, I imagined how much she did, and now outside the house, I saw what she did for me while I was inside. What happened made me sick, it’s making me bad, but I will renew my strength and I will believe in tomorrow, better than today and yesterday. I am here to sincerely apologize for everyone who felt offended. I hope Lexa forgives me, we had a conversation, and now is to give time to time, thank you for listening to me”.

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