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MC guime It is shoe face were expelled from BBB 23, on the night of this Thursday (16). During the live program, Thaddeus Schmidt made a statement on the held at the Leader’s Partythis Wednesday (15), and announced the elimination of the brothers for their actions against Dania Mendez, the Mexican participant who joined the program.

At the opening of the program, the presenter warned: “We have a lot of important things to tell. We had serious events. Measures need to be taken and we want you to understand everything correctly”.


After showing what happened at the party the previous night, Tadeu informed that Dania has been accompanied by a Mexican TV producer and that she was called to the confessional. “Sapatito tried to kiss me. I’m calm, I didn’t expect it, it was very fast, so I didn’t see anything, it was normal”, said Dania. “I’m calm, happy, I’d like to get to know everyone a little more, I can stay here as long as you want”.

Dania narrated that Sapato was drunk and saw no harm in him. “Any uncomfortable situation I feel, I’ll talk right away”, guarantees the participant. “I think Guimê didn’t mean anything, it was a bit of drink, and everyone is fine”.


Then Tadeu made a statement to the house. “I wanted to be here to talk about parties, joy, but I’m about to talk about something unpleasant. We have a guest, a visitor, above all, a woman. Like all women, she deserves absolute respect. (…) what we saw, what we heard, we didn’t like what we saw yesterday. Sapato and Guimê passed the point. We have to be careful with limits. For going against the rules, Guimê and Sapato are eliminated from BBB 23”, he informed.

During the previous night’s event, Guimê was seen touching the player’s butt and breast. At one point, she takes his hand away from her body. Later, Sapato tried to pin Dania down to kiss her. He also kissed her and covered them both with a blanket. The production called the fighter’s attention after one of these attitudes.

On social networks, the expulsion of the two players became one of the most commented subjects of the day. Globo reality sponsors, even repudiated the actions of the brothers. On Thursday night, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro announced the opening of an investigation against the two participants.

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