São Paulo

The singer Lexa appeared crying, in tears, on social networks, on the night of Thursday (15). right after the Elimination of MC Guimê from BBB 23due to harassment inside the house, the artist published a story on her profile showing her state.

“It’s a nightmare, guys, it’s not possible,” she said, amid many tears. Half an hour later, on his Twitter account, Leva spoke more about the moment: “A pain… I don’t wish that on anyone.”

Earlier, the singer had spoken out about her husband’s attitudes, saying that she was “devastated” and “rock bottom”. together there is seven years, Lexa said that MC Guimê “was never that person”. At the party this Wednesday (15), he groped Dania Mendez, contestant of La Casa de Los Famosos.

“Everyone who follows me on Instagram has seen all my dedication in recent months to see Guimê shine. Guimê met me when I was 19, today I’m 28, I grew up and matured alongside him and he was never that person. I am scared, sad and disappointed, it hurts like hell! I’m devastated, at rock bottom. I’m hurt and I don’t have the strength for anything, “he wrote.

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