São Paulo

key alvesdeleted from BBB 23 (Globo) and who is now in the Mexican reality dynamics, commented with his confinement colleagues on the absence of MC guime It is shoe face in the living room. The athlete saw the images without audio and said that the brothers’ expression indicates that something beyond the ordinary happened.

“He’s not there. If it was a normal fight, the camera would show them there too. But it didn’t, it just showed the room. It showed everyone [com uma expressão] like, ‘I don’t believe what happened'”, says the ex-sister, demonstrating that the confined Brazilians had their heads down.

O singer and fighter were expelled from the dynamic on Thursday night (16) after the station analyze the behavior of the two with Dania mendeza Mexican member of La Casa de Los Famosos who had an exchange with the volleyball player.

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