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A elimination of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato of BBB 23 left viewers in shock. On the night of this Thursday (16), the two participants were expelled from the reality show after the sexual harassment of Dania Mendez, a Mexican participant in the program. On the web, users supported the decision, but were surprised by the way the announcement was made.

During BBB 23, Tadeu Schmidt led the presentation, showing details of the party and a statement from Dania in the confessional. Soon after, he announced the elimination of the musician and the fighter, which left the whole house in shock.

Many of the comments during the announcement were about the running of the ride. Soon after the expulsion, Dania felt guilty and was helped by Domitila and the other brothers in the living room. “Even getting it right I think the program got some things wrong…. Dania will feel very guilty”, wrote an internet user.

Most of Thursday, the web asked for the expulsion of the players. Reality sponsors too condemned the harassment inside the housewith publications talking about the necessary respect for women.


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