or influencer Arthur Benozzati I went through a suffocation together with her husband, Clayson Benozzati, in the early morning of Quinta-feira (3/16). The doctor has the car hit by shots fired by the Military Police during a stop in Frei Martinho, a Paraiban city close to the border of Rio Grande do Norte (RN).

The northeastern state is going through a wave of violence and exists on the suspicion that a faction may be responsible for the attacks. I tied this sixth fair (17/3), 93 people were arrested in operations of the Security Forces of the RN.

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According to G1, the house was not hit by the shots and we will clarify that everything did not happen from a misunderstanding. At the moment of the attack, they were stopped in a square of Frei Martinho and slept while they waited for dawn to continue their journey to Currais Novos (RN). Or detour peel paraíba It was done precisely to avoid major risks from the situation experienced in the vizinho state.

“Nesse cochilo, the policeman chegou back [do carro], they chegaram beating. People agreed with such a big scare, that at the same time I left with the car because I thought it was a bullet, I thought we were bandits. I didn’t see that it was the police, I didn’t see a siren, I didn’t see the police, I tied them up because people were sleeping”, Clayson told TV Cabo Branco.

The delegate responsible for the case, Iasley Almeida, affirmed that the agents are trained to verify a complaint of a suspicious vehicle stopped on the street. He reported that a two PMs hit the door of the car so that you two could get out and identify themselves, but as a scare, or the driver ended up leaving the car.

Even with the confusion, Arthur’s husband confirmed that everything was fine. “I was misunderstood. Our situation in the state of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba is very difficult. I don’t judge the police, I don’t want a judgment from the nenhuma of the parties, ”he guaranteed.

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