Best friend of LexaAnitta used the social networks to notify that she will support the singer in the controversy involving the episodes of assault by MC Guimê with Bruna Griphao and Dania Mendez. A superstar still posts the print of a conversation with her travel agent, asking her to provide Lexa’s trip for her anniversary party.

“In the past, I was that type of friend who always gets together in the relationship of a friend and after they turn around, I fuck…. Today I continue to be the same friend”, ironized Anitta.

Poderosa still apologized to Lexa for exporting the plans of the duas. “It was to guarantee that you will not escape from the trip. I love you,” she declared.

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The party of the leader of BBB23 of MC Guime I was marked by polemics. The singer handed over to the crowd of Dania Mendez more than once and fez the same with Bruna Griphao.

Linked to TV, the singer’s wife, Lexa, reacted sadly. “I know the woman INCREDIBLE that I am, helping all the time, standing up, speaking well, involving myself in tricks that I don’t know about… who accompanies me knows that I dedicated myself 101% to everything, to see it shine… I don’t sleep Right, I gave my life to see what happened”, he desabafou.

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