Going on stage at the Accor Arena, or more commonly called “Bercy” by diehards, is not given to everyone. This is why, when an artist has the chance to perform in this mythical hall, he wishes that everything goes well and that the moment is unforgettable. Unforgettable, Juliette Armanet’s concert at the Parisian hall will be without a doubt. But maybe not for the reasons she hoped. Fortunately more fear than harm.

Indeed, this Friday, March 17, in front of his audience, the 39-year-old artist who wrote the song “Ava” by Kendji Girac, had to face a technical problem. No problem with his microphone, with the sound, or with fake seats bought by his fans present for the evening, but with… the fire alarm. Steven Bellery, journalist for RTL present for the event, gave a lot of information about the incident via his Twitter account. “Concert abruptly interrupted at the Accor Arena for Juliet Armanet after 1h45 incandescent. A fire alarm emptied the room in 5 minutes”tweeted our colleague.

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Juliette Armanet and her concert suddenly interrupted, the artist manages to pick up the thread

Thankfully, that didn’t spell the end of the show. The public was able to find its place as Steven Bellery said. “The public is gradually coming back”he assures on Twitter before indicating that, as if nothing had happened, “Juliette throws herself into the crowd while waiting. “What The Fuck” resumes the singer at the piano”.

If the artist who collaborated with Kendji assures that it is his “worst nightmare”she did not fail to thank her fans for this moment “mythical”. “After burning the fire there was bound to be some shit. It makes no sense”, she also amused herself. A moment that she and her audience will never forget.


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